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Mark + Monique, New York City Wedding

A special special wedding indeed. Everyone wore white, not just the bride. White signifying peace, purity and devotion! Their love is so pure, their passion for life so intense - and one's gotta admire their willingness to fight back all the hardships life threw their way before they finally found solace in each other's arms. Mark & Monique cried a ton and made everyone else cry too - the photographer included!! :D 

For Mark & Monique, this marriage was not just a beginning of their lives together, but also a bringing together of their families - their daughters (the beautiful flower girls) became sisters! This truly was a grand and unique wedding in many different ways - doves that were set free, a wedding cake decorated with orchids, a PlayBill book specially made for the wedding, all guess wearing white, stunning river views and so much more! And most of all, Tommy Tune, the Broadway star who has won nine Tony Awards, hosted this wedding in his beautiful home and he watched over the bride and the groom endearingly as they took their vows. He certainly was like a father to this beautiful couple and took every care to make sure the wedding went perfect. And perfect it was! The wedding and the reception were held on two separate penthouse rooftops - right by each other. And the third rooftop had a mariachi band playing!!! - all this overlooking the beautiful skyline offered by the east river in NYC. Besides the heart-warming speeches by the very passionate and articulate groom, the very best best-man Peter, Tommy Tune and other friends and family members - the bride and the groom were also gifted with a surprise performance by a group of beautiful children - the cast of a Broadway musical!

So much can be said about this wedding and words do not seem enough. To put it in a nutshell, I would just say special in the most beautiful way. I know the this couple will go beyond forever where rainbows and sunbeams merge, and where time ceases to exist. 

To get a sense of it all, watch this slideshow below and you'll understand why this photographer is gushing so much :p