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Mathilde + Nolan, Central Park Wedding NYC

Pretty as a picture, with a beautiful French accent. Meet Mathilde. A no-fuss bride who did everything herself. She applied her own make-up, got dressed and walked out confidently to get married to the man she loves. Very classy in her simple white dress with white gloves - no frills, just pure elegance. Her parents flew down from the south of France thinking they are attending a simple court wedding, little did they know Mathilde had a surprise in store for them!

On the other side, the groom, Nolan waited eagerly underneath a beautiful wooden rustic shelter covered with red and orange leaves perched atop a hill in Central Park. When Mathilde walked up the "aisle" with her father, there was no band playing the typical wedding song - but one didn't need that. If you are a believer in love and romance, you could hear the music and you could feel the love. I swear I got goose-bumps watching this beautiful bride hug her father with tears flowing down that flawless cheek. The ceremony was short and sweet attended only by very close family and friends. No pomp and show - just pure affection and witnessing of two lives coming together. 

And when they raised their champagne glass, it truly was all the way from Champagne - dad & mom brought it. Tastefully French! Here's to Mathilde & Nolan! A classy couple indeed.