Katrina. Everyone loves her!

Four wise men once told the world that all you need is love. And this lucky-bride-to-be has an abundance of that. All the love that was showered on Katrina by her family and friends on her bridal shower was beyond heart warming. What really stood out was just how genuinely happy everyone was for Katrina and how much they seemed to love her. Owen, the lucky man, dropped in towards the end bringing forth a collective awww from the ladies present :) The adorable couple looked so happy together and so very much in love. Katrina's beautiful smile perfectly complimenting Owen's charming grin. Such a happy couple. Aww, indeed!

And did I forget to mention just how good-looking everyone was at this bridal shower! Such beautiful faces, and such fun folks. I got to a chance to chat with some of them when I wasn't behind my lens -  grandma Grammy who knew everything about soccer and yet pronounced it a boring game, the pretty aunts who laughed with abandon, the lovely sister of the groom, and the awesome bridesmaids who threw the perfect bridal shower! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone again and capturing more candid shots of all these pretty ladies and the super cute couple during their wedding in August! Katrina will make such a happy bride. Really, I'm convinced - love is all you need.