We Are Family

What a beautiful perfect family! Such a charming couple, Marta and Thomas. A pretty Spaniard & an athletic German. And their two adorable children. I was told the kids have been named accordingly - Felix & Laura. A little bit of two cultures in both the names. 

Marta is a gorgeous mommy, and Thomas has the energy of a 100 Red Bulls! So much positive energy when one is around them. New York City will most certainly miss them. They lived in this glamorous city for 4 years and are headed to Munich now. Felix turned three and perhaps he will remember some of what this city showed him. Laura just crawled for the first one (yup, caught the moment!) and will perhaps be back one day to see the city of lights where she was born. For now, I wish this wonderful family my very best in their future adventures. And I certainly do hope that they will be back someday with their laughter and bright smiles.