And all that Jazz!

Jaz is like sunshine. She lights up the room the minute she walks in. Oh no wait, I meant the minute she struts in! ;) She's got that amazing thing about her that one can't quite describe in words. She is a bundle of energy, charm, style, and confidence. She would give the models on the runway a run for their money if she decided to walk the ramp. No cliched demure shy bride here. She owns her space and she knows it. Eyes follow her with love and awe. She's that kinda bride.

Now with that kinda personality, she obviously has many people who adore her. Her bridal shower had a LOT of family and friends. A very nice mother-of-groom with a cool hat, a bunch of busy-at-work bridesmaids with big radiant smiles, a super efficient maid-of-honor (she was unbelievably good at it), adorable kids, and tons of wonderful faces. I had a fun and busy time trying to get shots of everyone. A great setting for candid pics. Despite having a big group of guests, Jaz also made sure she chatted with everyone and she laughed with abandon. I tried following her around but couldn't quite keep up with her throughout... that energy! Got her shots as she posed and twirled around for all of us before cake-cutting! No kidding, this bride is one helluva-lady! Joe, you are one lucky man indeed!

Location: Battery Harris, Williamsburg. A beautiful indoor/outdoor restaurant with some fab food and drinks!