Pre Bar Mitzvah Fun

What a fun family!!! :) The twin boys introduced themselves as Twin A and Twin B. The youngest one was adorable and I was told he thinks and behaves like he is sixteen even though he is 12 years old. Their extended family from Florida was also visiting and it was a laugh riot photographing these fun folks!! It was a mix of culture - Jewish & Hispanic, and they took a lot of pride in the diversity that exists in the family. There's so much I can say, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


And here is the part where we went to the synagogue and prepared for the Bar Mitzvah. The family shared that they are not allowed to take pictures on the day of the actual event but wanted to capture the moment to cherish nevertheless. So the boys and the parents decided to wear what they would wear the next day for the Bar Mitzvah, and the Rabbi was at the synagogue to help the boys practice reading the holy text. It was an honor to get a glimpse of the culture and be able to photograph it. The boys read with a lot of confidence and did seem like they were ready to take the world on :)