Meet Rojita. And get to know her story.

Rojita is a New York City based wedding photographer. Besides weddings and family portraits, she has shot several other events including Food Network's Wine & Food Festival. She has also photographed celebrities at different events, including Jon Bon Jovi, Joe Namath, Mario Batali, Tommy Tune, Salman Rushdie and Mira Nair (see Celebrities for more).

While getting a graduate degree in psychology from NYU, Rojita also studied photography in Manhattan after which she had an exhibition of her abstract photography work in 2009. She combines her knowledge of psychology and her photography skills to make the perfect image. Her photography style is candid and natural. She also likes composing artistic non-traditional shots. And she loves everything vintage. 

When she is not shooting weddings and events, you will find her either planning her next backpacking trip or obsessing over the Scoville Heat Units of ghost peppers! 





"Born in India. Travel junkie. Global citizen. Yogi. Happy person. That's me in a nutshell :)

Now, how did I become a photographer? I owe it to my big brother and my husband. When I was 11 years old, my brother decided to be kind and gave me his small Kodak point&shoot camera. It sort of started there. I spent all my pocket money on camera film and printing photos. Many years later, I bought my first SLR camera when I got a job. It slowly became more than a hobby. Alongside, I continued following a more traditional career path.

The Husband Story. We dated for sixteen years and got married four years ago. Yes, I am a hopeful die-hard romantic (no wonder I am a wedding photographer!). Needless to say, after 20 years, he KNOWS me. A rebel of sorts, I'm the kind who gets stifled by conformity. He figured it out long before I did that I was walking down the conformity path. About a year ago, he pretended to be casual about it and asked me "... do you really see yourself doing this for the next 20 years? If you could do one thing for the rest of your life - what would it be?"  I didn't have an answer then. He continued (yes, he doesn't give up) -  "...I would rather see you do something you're passionate about, than just do something that others expect you to."  And it started there all over again. My love for the lens. The answer came to me like a sunbeam. You know that moment when you are like - duh! how did I not see that? So I took a risk, left everything that I was doing and walked down the other path, not really knowing whether there is a path at all. Now I see it crystal clear, yes there is one and it is lit with tons of sunbeams.

I believe in doing things with a full heart. No half-hearted part-time photography gig for me. This is what I do. 24x7. And you'll see that whole-heartedness in the images I make. 

And so here I am today, living a dream I didn't even know I had. Here I am today, a happy person."


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